So pleased with my new roof!

My house is about 20 years old. It’s needed a new roof for some time now. I was hoping that the job would be relatively inexpensive because my current house is so small. My last house wasn’t large really, but it had a roof that is roughly three times the size of the small townhouse that I presently have. I did the math… hmmm if my last new roof was $5000 and this new house has roughly one-third the surface area then the roof on my new place should be no more than $2000! Right? Hello? $5,500 later, I’m enjoying my new roof. Harumph. Oh well. Live and learn.

I wanted to have the best roofing job done for the right price. I found it too.┬áThe guy putting on the shingles did a great job. I watched him lug those heavy shingles up by hand. He also was sure to cover the unfinished portion of the roof with a tarp since his “one day” job was really a five day job thanks to the weather. We had some record setting cold temperatures as my new shingles were getting nailed down. I didn’t begrudge the poor guy for heading indoors and hoping for the best later. He could have just left me exposed (literally), but he took the time to set me up with a solidly attached tarp. Once the temperature started to come back to normal the job was finished. Now I don’t have to worry. The sound of rain used to cause a tightening in my neck and shoulders as I pictured moisture finding its way into the nether regions of my walls; only to eventually morph into a mould outbreak. Now the sound of rain is simply soothing and relaxing. I love my new roof.