What is this blog about?

This blog has an identity crisis. It doesn't know what it wants to be. That's how I want it. You see all too often blogs get all uppity in what they're trying to be. 

I was listening to Tim Ferris's podcast and he interviewed , marketer extrordinairre. Seth has some great advice. He said "try to write a blog post every day". I thought that was fantastic advice. The only problem is the afore mentioned identity crisis. I can't commit to just one topic. So I'm going to write about a whole bunch of stuff. I'm a Dad so there will be some of that. I'm divorced, so that'll be in there, I love martial arts, real estate, online marketing, psycology, pop culture, exercise, investing, camping, comedy and a whole lot more.

I also don't love the whole "look at me" of social media. So I have decided to remain anonomous. I will post semi regularly. Some of my writing will be sharp (hopefully), some of it will aggregated from other places and maybe not so well written. Don't care. It's the process of slowing down, looking around and making a few points without worrying about what someone might say. 

This is my blog. There are many like it but this one is mine.